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 As the advancement of medical science cures various diseases, the role of biomaterials and their applications in medicine is recognized as growing. Almost every week, new biomaterials are announced and launched in the market. This book is composed of several chapters containing important information with many beautiful illustrations and photographs, which help students to understand biomaterials from very basic to near clinical applications. As one of the unique points of this book, each chapter has a brief glossary of biological and medical terms, which may be unfamiliar for students.”

 Teruo Okano, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan  


“This is an extraordinary, impressively thorough reference source and textbook. David Williams has a rare knack for clear communication. He draws on a unique combination of outstanding knowledge, remarkable experience, and a rare appreciation of the key concepts. This book is an absolutely essential, superbly comprehensive, and valuable resource for anyone who wants to truly understand the field of biomaterials.”

 Tony Weiss, University of Sydney, Australia  

“Williams’ Essential Biomaterials Science combines comprehensive scope, single-authored consistency, and contemporary translational practicality in this novel textbook on biomaterials. The book clusters detailed considerations of materials, pathobiology, applications, regenerative therapeutics, and considerations of commercialization and clinical implementation with an overriding focus on biocompatibility and concepts of biomaterial–tissue interactions, a key theme of Williams’ many contributions to and leadership in this field. Well-illustrated, particularly with conceptual graphics, well-referenced with suggested readings, and with end-of-chapter questions, the book is most likely to be most useful to university students at an advanced undergraduate or graduate level, and nicely complements other available references in adding to the richness and usefulness of literature in the field."

Frederick Schoen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

"David Williams is one of the leading international authorities in biomaterials. Drawing on his vast multidisciplinary experience in the field, Professor Williams presents in this attractive textbook not only a comprehensive view of biomaterials in their various facets, but also innovative ideas, along with the clarity of thought and precision of expression that those who know him well have come to expect of him. Although written primarily for students in biomaterials curricula, I see this book as "a must" for the personal and institutional library." 
C. James Kirkpatrick, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany