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Very significant progress has been made with the technologies of tissue engineering but there is still a long way to go before there will be reproducible clinical and commercial success.  Morgan & Masterson have been at the forefront of the critical analysis of the issues facing tissue engineering, and the development of procedures to facilitate this translation:      


Biocompatibility in tissue engineering

To engineer is to create:  the link between engineering and regeneration

Tissue engineering: the multidisciplinary epitome of hope and despair

Tissue engineering: a new technology that needs a new business model

Global issues in the commercialisation of tissue engineering


Opinion on the state of the art concerning tissue engineering

 Manufacturing challenges in regenerative medicine

Neural tissue engineering options for peripheral nerve regeneration

The biomaterials conundrum in tissue engineering

The same but different: Regulation of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in the context of regional and international standards and sxpectations


‘tissue engineering is the persuasion of the body to heal itself, through the delivery to the appropriate site, of cells, biomolecules and / or supporting structures’